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If you are interested in spending a year or a season at Sander Farm, and to learn how to farm and to learn how to grow vegetables, tend to animals. Please read this.

Interns and workers live and work on the farm, in a group like community experiencing many sides of our diverse organic operation. We residens in Eidsvoll Norway, the farm is 7 hectars with about 2 acres / 8 daa with mixed vegetable and berry production, and a mandala hurb garden.

All our produce is sold in our on farm farmstore, csa, reko and through delivery. Work will include a day or more harvesting, packing, washing and organization produce. Other tasks include, weeding, taking care of the farm animals, collecting eggs, planting seeds in the greenhouse, and special projects like wood working and on field work, thats varies from year to year.

We also take in Wwoofers and other voluntary work organizations for shorter and longer periods, interns are hired on a rolling basis, there is not one set start date. we prefer that interns commit for at least 6 months. This is due to the extensive training and energy we give to our interns, and our voluntary workers.

We will do our best to make sure that the experience with Sander Farm will suit you. If you are interested in a internship, or have any questions about our farm or work, please send a email to The email should contain witch country you are coming from, and how long do you want to stay. All applicant must be Eropean citizen. or come from a country that have a work permit agreement with Norway.  

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