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Andelslandbruk :

Eidsvoll Cooperative Farming is starting up again after a year's break, to the delight of new and old cooperative members, but what does it mean to be a cooperative member ?

Joining our CSA means indulging in the freshest, locally grown organic produce straight from our fields to your table. Each 2 weeks, savor a vibrant vegetables and fruits than you can harvest at the peak of flavor and nutritional value. It's more than just food : By becoming a member, you're actively supporting farmers and sustainable agricultural practices. You'll delight in the ever-changing variety of our produces, forging a deeper connection to the land and the food it provides. Beyond the produce, our CSA fosters a sense of belonging, offering opportunities for community engagement and social interaction. From farm tours to shared cooking experiences, you'll form lasting connections with like-minded individuals who share a passion for fresh, local food. delight!


As a share holder, you invest in and get part of the farm's production : fresh vegetables directly from your local area. Being a shareholder is also social and it gives a unique opportunity to take part in a social community in the local environment and on our small farm here in Eidsvoll, but it's still the farmer / gardener who has the main responsibility. The way it is done is to buy a share of a farm's production, for one year at a time. During the season, share holder can contribute if they want, but it is completely voluntary. We start harvesting typically from June to October, but this depends on the weather.

Maybe you can contribute?

It is a lot of work to run a cooperative farm. There is a close dialogue between the farmer, gardener and shareholders. This can take a lot of time and this year we want someone who can help us with a bit of the administrative stuff, and maybe occasionally arrange social gatherings or change proposals.

What are your interests? Some may be good at communication, or some may enjoy weeding, others may be good at baking and can bake cakes for meetings and social gatherings. Here we want to create a pleasant and social place where everyone is welcome.

Harvest : 

We send out a harvest message once every 14 days by email and we are now working on an app solution so you will always have the latest harvest message available on your mobile.

Shares of the year : 

This year we have a vegetable share that you harvest every 14 days, and the different weeks' shares will naturally change throughout the season and will be smaller at the start with typical spring vegetables and change towards autumn where we have more different vegetables available.

A share is suitable for a small family with 2 adults + children. It is entirely possible to give away a share if you are on holiday or perhaps you want to share with a neighbour. If you want to split the amount just get in touch and we will find a solution. A proportion contains vegetables, herbs, berries and some fruit in autumn.

Contact us here to become a member or if you have any questions.

We will answer you as quickly as we can.


Price NOK 4,500

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